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"When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: - I organise dinners and events for Singles. But what I really want to say is - I provide the events and give Singles the tools to make being Single feel so good, it is like a secret you do not want to let your coupled up friends in on."

If you would like to join A Table for Six in Canberra, simply pay 399.00 at the interview. You don't pay anymore until you attend your first dinner. The booking fee for Tables of Six is just $33 plus your meals and drinks.


Licence number License 3338670

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Recent Feedback

Hi Margaret,
Restaurant rating, 10/10, excellent service, with help to order from the menu, suggestions etc, great atmosphere, it was not too noisy, crowded, or rushed, the meals arrived quickly, and we were allowed to talk uninterrupted after the meal with coffee.

Experience, 9/10 the conversations were interesting, topical, current and involved everyone at the table, touching on art, social factors, community-society, and general interest.

A very enjoyable evening.

AT46 Member