A message from Margaret


Who am I and what do I do?

"When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: - I organise dinners and events for Singles. But what I really want to say is - I provide the events and give Singles the tools to make being Single feel so good, it is like a secret you do not want to let your coupled up friends in on. "

What do I really do?

"But what I really, really want to say is I read lots of books, blogs and articles on human behaviour, what makes us tick, why we behave the way we do. Especially about males and females. I am curious, fascinated, and sometimes even amazed about relationships."

What do I love doing?

"I love creating unique opportunities for singles to meet where it feels like your favourite childhood birthday party. Your best friends are there and so are the people you have been hoping to be friends with, because the more FUN I pour into my work, the more great feedback I get back. Oh, and I love attending your weddings..I feel like a fairy God Mother."

What inspires me?

"As you have probably guessed, inspiring singles to step outside their comfort zone to live the life they dream of, and providing the dinners and events they have been searching for, is just the ticket for me. And when it comes to providing a community of like-minded singles for you to meet, I am the bees knees."

What have I done?

"I have 12 plus years of experience as an Introduction Agent, Events Co-ordinator Extraordinaire and I have trained Franchisees to bring alive our service in most major cities in Australia. I have worked with thousands of Singles in age groups from 30s to 70s, who are Single never married, Separated and soon to be divorced, well and truly divorced, or widowed."

What else do I do?

"And when I am not organizing amazing dinners and events, or writing my blog, or inspiring Singles to enjoy their single life, you can find me renovating houses or going to the beach or movies with my partner Reg, or spending time with my family and friends."

If you really must know more, read on.

"I drink just one, very delicious coffee per day. I spent my childhood growing up on a sugarcane farm. I did not travel overseas until I was in my 40s. I have never tried a cigarette (it is true). I am not scared of snakes, but terrified of magpies."

"I am living proof that you can find happiness again and that it is never too late to make your dreams real, whether you want to find the courage to step out to meet people again as a single person, find a group of singles socialise with, or completely change your life with an authentically beautiful partner with a heart and soul and a connection that is magical and unique."

If you would like to join A Table for Six in Sydney, simply pay 499.00 at the interview. You don't pay anymore until you attend your first dinner. The booking fee for Tables of Six is just $33 plus your meals and drinks.


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If you think you have the skills to organise singles dinners and events in a new area:
Contact Head Office on 1300 885 311and make an application.

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Recent Feedback

Hi Margaret,
Restaurant rating, 10/10, excellent service, with help to order from the menu, suggestions etc, great atmosphere, it was not too noisy, crowded, or rushed, the meals arrived quickly, and we were allowed to talk uninterrupted after the meal with coffee.

Experience, 9/10 the conversations were interesting, topical, current and involved everyone at the table, touching on art, social factors, community-society, and general interest.

A very enjoyable evening.

AT46 Member