10 tips for more self-confidence in dating

By Margaret, 05 August, 2019.
10 tips for more self-confidence in dating

If you are new to the dating scene, you may not be sure of your self-confidence. And you may be wondering how important is it in attracting a suitable partner anyway. According to many studies it is very important.

We are not talking about arrogance, snobbishness or believing you are better than others. Real self-confidence is knowing that you can attract various people. It means that you know you have the ability to enjoy getting to know them until you can decide if they are a good match for you. You will notice that confident people are usually friendly, open and kind to almost everyone they meet.

When you are feeling confident, you can simply enjoy the company of someone, without a specific outcome in mind. You have a strong sense of what you want in a relationship, and you are able to walk away from someone who is unable or unwilling to provide it.

With a strong sense of self-confidence, you can be open to the possibilities that meeting other can offer.

Need a little help in strengthening your self-confidence?
1. There’s nothing like feeling good about the way you look to boost your confidence. Update your hairstyle, get a new outfit, check your nails and smile.

2. Smelling great has a psychological affect on our confidence too according to research done at the University of Liverpool. So try out different body washes, antiperspirants and body sprays. But don’t over do it either.

3. Making eye contact comes naturally when you feel comfortable and confident. Remember to look at people’s faces, but balance it out by looking away during pauses in conversation; otherwise it could be too intense.

4. Speaking clearly shows your self-confidence. If people are asking you to repeat yourself, it means you need to speak louder and clearer.

5. Giving a compliment shows that you notice things and are prepared to acknowledge them. It should be sincere and may be about an aspect of their appearance, or a funny story they told, or an accomplishment they have shared with you.

6. Watch your words. Words are very powerful and affect you and the other person. Even if you are feeling nervous and a little low, don’t use words like “anxious, depressed, tired, down useless”. Including words like “pleased, relaxed, fun, comfortable, interesting, exciting, thrilled” in your conversation will make you and the other person feel good.

7. Be friendly to everyone you meet. Stay open to new opportunities to get to know new people. Meeting others in a safe environment is a great way to discover if you would like to get to know them better, explore the possibility of friendship or romance.

8. Be interested in what people have to say to you. Ask questions to show you heard what they said and would like to know a little more. Resist the urge to be an authority on every subject that arises. That is a clear sign of insecurity.
Don’t try to outdo everyone all the time or to talk over the top of people.

9. Keep money out of the conversation. Men can try to impress by telling a woman about their car, house/houses and other assets. Most women aren’t impressed by this and it gives the impression that you lack confidence.

10. Nothing beats a smile to show you are comfortable and confident. If you look too serious, people won’t want to approach you. People love to be around others who are smiling and happy. And they’ll want to be around you too.

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are if you can’t see it yourself?”

Margaret Newitt
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