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Why choose dinner dating?

Singles tell us that they’re increasingly frustrated with online dating apps, due to safety concerns, catfishing, fake profiles, ghosting and inappropriate behavior. If you feel this way too, you're not alone. Many are seeking better ways to meet quality singles, in real life. A Table for Six is the answer for those wanting a more authentic way to meet others in a safe, relaxed, fun group setting, surrounded by genuine individuals who value socialising and making meaningful connections in person.

Why join A Table For Six?

  • Genuine Connections: Whether you're seeking friendship or romance, our dinners provide the perfect opportunity to connect authentically with others.
  • Relaxed Group Socialising: Say goodbye to awkward one-on-one dates and hello to enjoyable, relaxed interactions within a group setting.
  • In Real Life: No need to guess who is on the other side of the screen. Enjoy getting to know others in person, in conversation, over a shared meal.
  • Verified Members: All member IDs have been checked, so you can rest assured they’re genuine singles, in the same age group.

How long has A Table For Six been operating?

Started in 2001, A Table for Six has been bringing together singles for over 20 years. It’s the largest, most trusted dinner dating service Australia-wide. Our mission is to provide you with fun, new opportunities to form meaningful connections with other like-minded singles. A Table For Six has introduced many thousands of singles over this time, resulting in numerous friendships, partnerships and marriages. Read reviews from our members here

Who will I meet?

Our members are all singles who are seeking to meet others in an environment where there’s no pressure and it’s about having fun and making new connections. They’re in your age group (ID verified), ready for new friendships and the opportunity to find that special someone. Most importantly they tell us that the key traits they seek in others are kindness, honesty and a sense of humour.

How can I become a member?

Just click the JOIN NOW button below, fill out the form and click through to pay securely. We’ll be in touch to verify your ID, then your membership will be activated and you can register for dinners.

Do I need to be a paid member to register and attend dinner?

Yes you need to be a member with A Table for Six, and have your ID verified before attending an event.

When are the dinners held?

The majority of our dinner events take place on Saturday evenings, so there’s plenty of time to get ready and have a fun and relaxing weekend.

What time do the dinners typically start?

Usually restaurants are booked for 7:30pm. Occasionally, it may be 7pm or 8pm. We will let you know the exact time when you’re confirmed for the dinner.

How do I register for a dinner?

Visit our events page, where you’ll see all our upcoming dinners. Filter for your city and age group, click on an event that appeals to you and click the REGISTER YOUR INTEREST button. This will mean you are now listed as an ‘Expression of Interest’, you are not confirmed yet.

How are participants selected for dinners?

Our Events Team gather all the registrations, create a final list, ensuring a suitable table, for a great evening of conversation and connection. There are limited seats, with a focus on gender balance and a suitable mix, so the process requires some sorting.

How do you create tables with the right mix?

There are 2 ways we create the best tables. Firstly members register interest to attend dinners they choose. Secondly (if there's a spot) we send out invitations by text to suitable singles from our member database. It's an event planning puzzle and we work hard to create the right mix of six!

How and when will I know if I'm confirmed for a dinner?

Once our final guest list is ready, our Events Team will send a confirmation email and a text message to let you know you're on the guest list. This will happen mid-week before the event. If you don’t get a seat at the table, we will notify you by email 2-3 days before the event. In this case we encourage you to list for the next event that suits you.

How do I locate our table at the restaurant?

We will let you know the surname that the booking is made under. Please arrive on time, ready for a fun night out!

How is the dinner paid for?

As with any dinner with friends you can agree at the end to either split the bill 6 ways, or pay individually (if people have ordered different drinks or dishes). It’s up to you!

How do I request another member’s phone number after an event?

After each event, our Events Team will email you, seeking feedback. In this email you can request member phone numbers. We ask that members don’t swap numbers in front of others at the table, out of respect. Our phone number swapping service removes any awkwardness and ensures mutual interest.

How many dinners can I attend with my 12-month membership?

Our commitment is for you to be able to attend at least 6 dinners or events over the course of a year. Your dinners are likely to be spread out over time (not successive Saturdays), as we rely on brand new members joining each month. We work hard to find new singles and create table combinations that give every person an equal opportunity to meet others as often as possible. If you don’t get on to a table please register for the next dinner that appeals and you’ll be prioritised.

How many members of the opposite gender will I meet?

There’s always a mix of new and existing members at dinner. We plan for you to meet 2 new members of the opposite sex. There may be other members at the table you have met. Please note that at times there may be late cancellations and this may alter the numbers of both genders.

Can I attend a trial dinner or event before committing?

Unfortunately, no. All guests must be a verified member to maintain fairness and ensure every guest has been ID checked.

Can I bring a friend?

Your single friend is most welcome to attend dinners, but they will need to be a paid and verified member to attend. We welcome referrals!

Can I attend dinners in other cities?

Yes! Register your interest, and if a suitable group forms, we'll send confirmation with all the details.

Is A Table For Six a matchmaking service?

A Table for Six provides opportunities for singles to meet other genuine singles in small social groups. We don’t provide online introductions or one-to-one dates. We believe that compatibility and chemistry is best discovered in person. Our focus is on creating opportunities for you to meet a diverse mix of fantastic singles at dinner in a relaxed setting, in real life. A Table for Six membership involves a level of filtering. Individuals have been ID checked. Members who invest and opt for this experience tend to share similar interests and values, enjoy dining out and meeting other singles.

Does A Table For Six conduct screening?

A Table For Six checks ID, but we don’t conduct in depth screening. We recommend that members complete their own checks, to confirm details, if they form a friendship beyond dinner.

How many members have found a partner through A Table For Six?

We don’t have an exact number of long-term relationships (we respect your privacy!), but we do hear from many happy couples who meet through our events every year. We witness a considerable number of phone numbers exchanged after each dinner, and many members report enjoying subsequent follow-up dates. Over the years, we have seen numerous couples form connections through A Table For Six, reaffirming the potential for meaningful relationships to develop within our community. See our reviews below for their stories!

What do members say?

Member feedback consistently emphasizes the enjoyment members experience at A Table For Six, from the incredible social opportunities, memorable nights out, new friendships and relationships formed. See reviews here

Who is this for?

A Table of Six is for singles who are open to opportunities to meet other singles over dinner, with the possibility for new friendships and romantic relationships. It’s for people who are interested in participating in relaxed, small group social gatherings.

Who is this not for?

This is not for singles who want fast 1-1 matching, or for whom $299 would unduly stress their finances.

A Table For Six is:

A membership that gives you the opportunity to meet a diverse range of singles and attend at least 6 dinners or events during the year, where you’ll meet like-minded singles and expand your networks.

What’s included in a A Table For Six membership?

You will get
  • new opportunities to find love
  • a great way to expand your social circle
  • exclusive access to attend our singles dinners for 12 months
  • a sought after seat at a table with quality singles
  • the opportunity to attend at least 6 dinners or events
  • introductions to groups of genuine, verified singles at dinners
  • a relaxed and safe social dinner setting, no stressful 1-1 dates
  • interesting conversations, fun and laughter on a Saturday evening
  • to experience fabulous restaurants with wonderful food and wine
  • dinner planning and bookings done for you - just turn up, saving you time and effort
  • phone number swapping service, with permission, ensuring mutual interest

What’s the membership fee?

Your investment is the annual membership of $299. (This equates to $24.90 per month, paid annually).

When your seat is confirmed, there is a $39 booking fee for each event. This is to secure your spot at the table.

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