Meeting at our dinners versus online dating

By Margaret, 16 June, 2014.
I've been asked to speak on radio tomorrow morning, about how our members find the experience of meeting at our dinners, compared to their experiences with online dating.

Most of the people I speak to fall into one of two different camps. There are the people who just can't bring themselves to put their photo and profile on the internet. The thought of "advertising" themselves as available is just too unsavory. And if they are in certain work positions, it makes it even more out of their comfort zone. The others are people who have tried internet dating, but for one reason or another, it doesn't suit them. Your membership with us is discreet. No photos on the internet and we only pass on your contact details if you give permission for us to do so.

Some people find the whole process of online dating very time consuming. Going through profiles, taking the time to contact people with varying results. But a very common story I hear is that if they do finally meet someone in person for coffee, they are very often nothing like the profile or photo displayed on the internet. Or else, after communicating for quite some time, when meeting, there was just no chemistry. We do all the organising of the dinners, and send the confirmation details once we have a suitable group organised. You get to just go along and enjoy.

Of course, unfortunately there are the stories of people who have been taken advantage of by people praying on vulnerable singles hoping to find a special someone on the internet. One particular lady told me that even though she now now knew that the person she had been communicating with for 18 months was a scammer, she was still missing his messages. He had groomed her for a long time,  knowing just the right things to say to her. Luckily, she had some alarm bells ringing when he continued to ask her to send more money and she reported it to police. But she had already sent a substantial amount of money to him.

The focus when attending our dinners is to go out and enjoy a fun, social evening in a relaxed environment. You should expect to enjoy chatting with other singles on a wide range of interesting topics while savouring delicious food and drinks.  Because of the more relaxed group situation, everyone can relax and be themselves. Many times people have told me they met someone at dinner and had a connection, but if they had looked at a profile and photo online, they would most likely have discarded them. So many things are not definable online. The way someone speaks, their mannerisms, their kindness and concern for others, their quirky sense of humour are only apparent when meeting in person in a relaxed situation.

Here's my favourite after-dinner recent feedback

Hi Margaret

We had a great, fun night.

Restaurant about an 8, overall experience about a 9.

Also, just some information for you. C & C, that I met at T46, at that same restaurant, on my first dinner in the last 18 months, have an engagement party on Saturday night, the 7th June.

They both met on their first T46 dinner and are obviously still together.

Thought you might be interested.

Kind regards,

AT46 Member


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