The grandest ritual-finding love

By Margaret, 28 July, 2014.
Have you heard of the new dating TV shows that have started in America?

One of them is "Married at first sight". In this American TV show, strangers are paired by supposed experts and they begin their relationship by marrying. After that, they go on a honeymoon and decide whether they like each other. After 6 weeks each couple must make a decision: do they stay together or file for divorce?

One reviewer remarked: "The real surprise will be if any of these couples live happily ever after, because human relationships are rarely something you can quantify on paper. Sorry. You just can’t."

Another TV show about to commence is "Dating naked". As you can probably guess, strangers who are supposedly looking for love, are introduced and yes, they are nude from the start.

Here's some comment from a reviewer:

"If you go home after this show, what's left? Back to the Internet? Does your profile mention that you went on “Dating Naked,” but it didn’t work out?

That said, the show, hosted by a clothed Amy Paffrath, has its pleasant moments. The awkwardness of the participants’ first encounter has a certain sweetness, and the subtle ways in which the men check out the women and vice versa will force many viewers to acknowledge they’d have the same impulse.

The novelty appeal of the show should carry it along for a spell. But there’s only so much mileage in ifs, ands and butts."

The old fashioned way of meeting singles can be daunting. But, who would really want to miss out on the journey of discovering someone new and those feelings of excitement, curiosity and exploration (with clothes on)?

You may not even know where to start, especially as modern romance can be a complicated affair! But with an open mind you may just find that special someone at our singles dinners.

You will be fully clothed and you don't have to marry anyone. Just go along with a great attitude.


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