Another wedding from A Table for Six

By Margaret, 06 August, 2012.
Margaret and MikeWhat a lovely surprise to hear news of another A TAble for Six wedding. Margaret and Mike met a couple of years ago at one of our events. Here is their story in Margaret's words.

I think both of us had given up hope of ever meeting anyone again.  We had
Been on our own for some time and we knew that there had to be more in
Our lives and we had been searching for some time to find a sole mate to
Complete our lives.

From that first meeting at  a lovely Sunday Lunch we knew that we had both found what we had been looking for -
After lunch we walked hand in hand along the beach (how romantic) and
It was then that we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together
- it just felt right, and you know deep down in your heart when that happens.

How our life has changed in so many ways - we have never wasted a moment
We do everything together never wanting to be apart - have had many lovely
Holidays here in Australia and in the lovely romantic paradise of Bali.  Mike
Asked me to marry him in Bali in 2011 and we had that special wedding day
Here in Australia on 30th June this year surrounded by family and close friends
 and have only just returned from our honeymoon in Bali.

We sincerely thank Table for Six for bringing us together and hope that many
More members will find the peace and happiness that Mike and I have
Found in each other.

Margaret and Mike

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