5 signs you've been single too long

By Margaret, 19 October, 2013.
There comes a time for every single to reevaluate their circumstances to decide if they have been single too long and it is time to make a change, or if they are relatively happy in their single state and happy to stay that way.

Being single has it's advantages. You can take the time to know yourself better and notice any patterns that repeat themselves in your relationships. You can please yourself how you spend your time and concentrate on your career.

But if you find you are spending far too much time by yourself or resorting to looking at profiles on dating websites, then it's most likely time to recognise that you have been single too long.

You have lost some of your confidence - A person of the opposite gender smiles at you as they walk past and you assume they must be smiling at someone behind you. Confidence is one of the most attractive features that potential partners enjoy. So step out of your comfort zone, put yourself in a position where you have an opportunity to meet other singles and watch your confidence levels rise.

A pet can be very good company while you are single. Take your cute friendly dog for a walk in the park or at the beach and it's a certainty that people will stop to talk to him and you. Some of those people will undoubtedly be singles of the opposite gender. So pets are very good for singles. But when you start relying on them for company and have their photo as your wallpaper on your phone, it's a sure sign you need to get out more to meet people and find someone to pour all of that love and affection onto.

Your friends and relatives love to help you find a date. Your Mothers, sisters and female friends just want to help you find the one. But sometimes you wonder what they were thinking when they suggested you meet  their accountant or hairdresser. A good idea is to give them some guidelines in the person you would like to meet. That way they can still feel as though they are helping you in  your love life and you may just meet someone wonderful.

You've been thinking about your ex a lot and wondering if they are in a relationship or still single. Maybe it's the romantic movie you just watched, or the memory of a trip you took together, or the fact that it's the weekend and you don't have any plans. But going back for a second round will only serve to highlight the original problems. When these times arise, do whatever you can to keep busy so that you don't fall into that trap. Do some exercise, meet up with friends or take your Mother out for dinner. But don't fall into the trap of contacting your ex again.

Sports and hobbies are great for singles and those in a relationship. They provide an opportunity to challenge yourself physically and mentally and add some adventure into our lives. But if your hobby becomes an obsession, is draining your bank account and you can't stop, it's a sign you may have been single too long. You may be using it as a distraction and as a replacement for a real life man or woman.

If any of these hit a nerve with you, use this as a catalyst to break your cycle of singlehood. Everyone would like to have a special someone in their life who will be there for the longhaul. But relationships rarely just happen. They take a little time and effort on your part. If you are waiting for the right person to just appear into your life, you may be waiting for a long time.

Being an active participant who is out there meeting people will give you a much better chance of meeting a special someone. Our A Table for Six dinners for singles will have you meeting other local singles who are looking for genuine friendships and relationships.


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