5 things to do that will make you happier today

By Margaret, 06 August, 2013.
Science has proven that if you do at least some of these things each day, you will feel the positive vibrations.

Find something good that happened in your life What if you hadn't met that person who introduced you to your now best friend?  What if you hadn't taken a chance on trying a different career? Finding the upside to past events can make you more aware of positive results in your life. Such as "If I hadn't crashed my car, I wouldn't have met my best friend."

Send a thankful message Gratitude is a powerful emotion that helps us enjoy what we have. Send an email or letter to someone who has helped you in some way and you will evoke positive feelings for yourself. thank them for what they have done no matter how small it is.

Spend money on someone else They say money can't buy happiness, but it can make our lives a lot more comfortable. spending on others makes us feel good about ourselves and makes us feel like responsible and giving people. so take a friend out for lunch or buy them a present, you'll feel great about it.

Get some exercise Getting some exercise is a great way to feel better, increase energy levels and reduce tension. It doesn't have be a marathon. Just a walk around the block or to the shops will do the trick.

List 3 good things that happened today At the end of the day, spend a few minutes finding three good things that happened. They don't have to be amazing, just as long as they made you feel better. You will go to sleep feeling better about your day and yourself.


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