9 Points-So You Impress Her

By Margaret, 22 May, 2017.
9 Points-So You Impress Her

Are you ready for a relationship? Fortunately, the feedback we receive from the women who attend our dinners is mostly that they are very impressed with the calibre of men they meet at our dinners.

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Here are nine tips about what women notice about you when they meet you for the first time and ongoing.

Some of these are common sense, and others might be surprising to you. They are suggestions so that you are not eliminated by something you did that can be off putting.

Being late
Make an effort to be on time rather than show up late. It shows that you respect the other angles you are meeting including her.

Being a cheapskate
Our members know that everyone pays enough to cover their own food and drinks at our dinners. But, don’t pull out the  calculator or argue over small amounts. It gives the impression that you are not a generous person.

Dominating the conversation
Don’t ramble on about yourself without even pausing long enough for anyone else to speak. If you interrupt other people’s conversation or don’t give others an opportunity to speak, they won’t be encouraged to want to see you again.

Coming on too Strongly
You may be very impressed with a woman at dinner. You really like her and want to see her again. But you will blow it if you come on too strongly at the table. Just be cool. Show you are interested by asking her questions and allowing her to voice her views too. Let her see the man that you are by sharing enough about yourself.

Talking about exes
Talking about your exes, shows you are not yet over them. It doesn’t matter if you are speaking about them in a positive or negative way. Topics such as how long your previous relationship was, are only natural. Be careful not to criticise or praise your ex's too much. People will believe you are not yet ready for a new relationship.

Poor treatment of restaurant staff
The way in which you communicate with restaurant staff, and the other singles at the table can be either a big turn off, or a huge plus. Women will consider it a give away as to how you may treat her, your level of patience and consideration for other people.

Bad Phone Etiquette
Your phone should be on silent and out of sight during dinner. If there are important reasons such as children, it is fine to check a couple of times during the dinner. Otherwise, let the calls wait until after the dinner. Being too distracted by your phone can give the impression that you are not interested in them.

Bad Hygiene
This one sounds basic, but is very important.Check your fingernails are clean and short. Brush your teeth and wear deodorant. On the other end of the scale, it’s best not to be too heavy on the aftershave or cologne.

Not caring about their safety after dinner
Do the kind thing and enquire if she would like to be walked to her car or public transport. Be sensitive enough to gauge if she would prefer you to do so, or prefer to go it alone. Being thoughtful enough to ask is the important thing here.

One of the good things about attending our dinners, it that you are able to showcase who you are, rather than being judged by a photo and profile. So, don’t miss your opportunity to let them see how friendly, thoughtful and respectful you are.The right women will be attracted to you and want to see you again…Success!

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