A new partner or friends before Christmas? 62 sleeps to go

By Margaret, 23 October, 2017.
A new partner or friends before Christmas? 62 sleeps to go

Like to meet a new partner or friends before Christmas? I know you probably don’t really want to hear that it is only 62 days to Christmas (about 5,356,800 seconds). Has another year really gone so quickly? Can it really be so close to another Christmas?

Did you make a resolution at New Year that you would meet a new partner and make some changes in your social life this year? Somehow work and other commitments always take a lot of our time. We have the best intentions to be proactive and take steps to go out and meet some new people whose company we enjoy….but didn’t quite take the steps needed to do so.

The good news is that there is still enough time to meet some wonderful new people before Christmas at our A Table for Six dinners! And there will be lots of other singles with the same intention.

[caption id="attachment_2574" align="aligncenter" width="300"]A new partner or friends before Christmas? 62 sleeps to go A new partner or friends before Christmas? 62 sleeps to go[/caption]

Even if you are not quite ready for a relationship, don't just hope and wait that something will change before Christmas. Get provactive, take charge of the situation. Come along to our dinner introductions.

It’s perfect timing to join our Spring dinners. You’ll have a great time, meet singles and make new connections. You may just even meet the one you will introduce to your family and friends on Christmas day.

Here’s what Rosie said:
"I’ve met a wonderful man
5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2016
The concept of A Table for Six is fantastic. For me the fact I get to dine in lovely restaurants and meet new people outside my network was enough to have me join.

Before I started I was certain it was time for me to start dating but with a hectic schedule, two children and not at all interested in online dating I knew A Table for Six was for me.
Margaret is lovely and made me feel very comfortable and calmed any nerves I had about trying this new idea.
After attending four dinners, I can confidently say, I thoroughly enjoyed every dinner. It was always a respectful and fun environment, everyone was so happy to be meeting. Although we were all meeting for the first time it often felt like we were old friends coming together.
On my fourth dinner was when I met a wonderful man. I knew from the moment I met him there was something special between us. He has a far more elaborate and romantic story.
After a few weeks Margaret connected us and we went on our first date, that was in June 2016.
We are now in a healthy, happy relationship. I am with a man I feel connected to on so many levels. Truly wonderful. I’ve recommended Table of Six to many friends in fact a friend who I had recommended to before I began ATFS, met her man on the second dinner and that was two years ago, they are still going strong!
This works and it will for you too.
Thank you Margaret. I’m grateful to say I found a wonderful man and I couldn’t be happier. "

Meet our genuine singles at our relaxed, fun dinners this week.

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