Are you a repairable writeoff?

By Margaret, 12 June, 2017.
Are you a repairable writeoff?

My husband decided it was time for a different motorbike. To make space in the garage, that meant selling the one he had owned for some time.

He was happy that it didn’t take very long before he had someone interested in buying the outgoing bike. His excitement about buying the new one was pretty evident. He couldn’t talk about anything else.

The prospective buyer came around, inspected and approved the bike my husband was selling. The buyer put down a substantial deposit and said he would be back in a few days with the balance of the amount owing and to collect his purchase.

As you can imagine, my husband was visualising his new bike in the garage, planning trips he would take on his new set of wheels. He could hardly sleep because of his excitement.

[caption id="attachment_2462" align="alignnone" width="300"]Are you a repairable writeoff? Are you a repairable writeoff?[/caption]

The morning came of the day when the sale was to be finalised. A phone call from the purchaser came in, to confirm his arrival later that day we presumed. Wrong! The purchaser had conducted an online search that uncovered that the bike was “a repairable write-off”. The sale was off. This was a complete surprise to my husband. It wasn’t disclosed when he had purchased this bike. It didn’t show any visible signs of any repair and it performed well every time he rode it.

However, it had been labelled… “A repairable write-off” “Mild structural damage to the front.”

This made me think about humans and the collisions/disasters that we go through. Particularly in regard to relationships. The devastating breakups, the long drawn out divorces, the betrayals and the sad losses of dear loved ones.

When we meet someone new, we usually can’t see any visible signs of any disasters of their past.    However, their performance or behaviour is where we can see glimpses into their past, or see the results of a lot of repairs.

As humans, we are all completely repairable. In fact, in our case, we can be a much improved version of ourselves after going through disappointment, sorrow, loss, grief and despair.

After losing a precious loving partner, we can learn to value and appreciate every moment with a loved one. We can learn from our mistakes we made in previous relationships. With enough honest self reflection, we can clearly see why an unhappy  relationship ended. We can be more aware of our own behaviour and also notice the bad choices we have previously repeated in choosing a partner.

I’m sure you have all met people who are still in need of more repairs. There are even some people who don’t believe they had any part in their disasters. It was completely the fault of the other party.

The most amazing people are the ones who have been through some tough times and have come out the other side much wiser and smarter. If we are involved in a number of accidents, then we are the common denominator. Its time to take a different approach to gain a different outcome.

Of course, repairs are always ongoing…small cracks appear and need to be attended to. Fill them with love and compassion for yourself and also for all the other “repairable write-offs”.

P.S. My husband rode the bike he wanted to sell to the buyer’s home to return his deposit. The buyer had second thoughts and decided he wanted to buy it anyway… AND the shiny new one is in our garage. I have a happy man.

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