Are you fantastic enough?

By Margaret, 13 September, 2019.
Are you fantastic enough?

It’s great to emphasise the positive things about being single, but having that special someone in our lives can make us feel a lot better in many ways. Family and friends are wonderful, but sometimes they just don’t fill the space that only a loving partner can fill.

Having someone to share a special moment on a holiday, a sunset at the beach, to plan a special weekend away with, or to show off your cooking skills, is life at its best.

For some people it seems so easy. Do they know something you don’t? Are they a better catch than you? I doubt it, but maybe there are some  skills that can be brushed up on to help you make a shift so as to become more attractive to a future partner.
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There is only one you
Create and radiate your personal style and let it reflect exactly who you are. Wear the clothes that make you feel great and emphasise your best mental and physical attributes. Spend your time doing the things that make you feel excited and fulfilled.

Make people feel good
Everybody wants to feel loved and valued. Treating everyone you come into contact with in this way, makes you instantly attractive whether they are partner material or not. It isn’t that difficult to smile, look someone in the eye and say hi, listen to them and show an interest in what they think and how they feel.

Qualities are important
If you want to attract someone who is fit, energetic and lives a healthy lifestyle, reflect that yourself. If you want to attract a motivated, successful achiever, “radiate” that outlook on life.

Where do the people you want to attract spend their time?
If you want to meet a successful professional, then taking a golf membership at an exclusive club or attending our A Table for Six dinners is probably better than looking in personal columns.

Don’t be needy or insecure
Take a look at your behaviour and determine any issues you may have about trust. Neediness is often associated with a shortage of trust, and sometimes a fear of abandonment. If you are doubting someone’s feelings towards you or their loyalty, ask yourself why you don’t trust. Is it because of something they did, or is it because of something someone did in the past? If you really care for this person and they have earned your trust, give it to them.
Meet him at our dinners here

It’s important to focus on what you would like and to take steps to accomplish it. But, someone who has a fun life doing the things that they love can be very attractive. If you don’t think that you are fantastic, there’s a good chance that others won’t either.

Be warm and friendly this week,

Margaret Newitt

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