Attitude is everything in finding a partner

By Margaret, 01 May, 2017.
Attitude is everything in finding a partner

There are some attitudes that are proven to give us a higher likelihood of finding a long-term partner, or even to gain so much more enjoyment from our dinners.  If we embrace these attitudes, it could very well mean that we will find a “Mr or Ms Right’ a lot sooner. The attitudes that are included in this category are:

  •     When you meet someone with whom there is no chemistry, you adopt the attitude not to write them off straight away.

  •     You know how to be charming, and you’re not just saving it up for the right person. You are generous and show it to everyone you meet.

  •     You make an effort to be friendly with everyone you meet, regardless of whether they meet your expectations.

  •     You look for the good qualities in every person you meet.

  •     You know you can never have too many friends and you welcome new people into your life.

    [caption id="attachment_2410" align="alignnone" width="200"]Attitude is everything Attitude is everything in finding a partner[/caption]

    Take the pressure off yourself and commit to just having some fun along the way. It’s the type of attitude that men find very attractive – being happy, confident and not focused on whether they are marriage/partner material.

    Commit to having fun, and I predict you will enjoy the process and have people standing in line to spend tine with you.

    Thank you to our members who already know this. That’s what makes our A Table for Six dinners so successful.

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