Avoid doing this..It makes you look desperate

By Margaret, 19 March, 2017.
Avoid doing this..It makes you look desperate

No woman wants to think she is dating a man who is desperate. She wants you to be secure, not clingy. She doesn't want you to idealise her, she wants you to see her for the unique person she is. She wants to know that you are choosing her because you think she is special and not just because you are desperate for a girlfriend.

Avoid doing this...It makes you look desperate

Declaring your feelings too soon
If you are stuck in  the "friend zone" and you are a "nice guy", it is tempting to profess your feelings outright, without any flirting or creating attraction. You are nervous about flirting, creating physical contact or moving to a more intimate relationship.

You just pretend to be an amazing friend. You are sure that if you hang around for a while, you will build a romantic connection automatically. But, when romance doesn't happen, you resort to an outright declaration of love.

You promise that you will be the best boyfriend she ever had and will treat her better than any man ever has. You let her know how much you care for her and how fond of her you are. You are sure that this will convince her that you are the perfect man for her.

Sadly, an essential ingredient will be missing. Attraction is an emotion a woman must feel through having flirty fun with you. Your bold, cheeky actions are what will make her feel attracted to you.

There are two outcomes if you declare your feelings without that flirting first. The girl may let you down gently, not wanting to hurt your feelings saying "I don't want to ruin our friendship." Or, and much less likely, she agrees to try it out because she you do care about her and you are thoughtful and polite. Before too long she realises she just doesn't have that attraction for you and ends the relationship.

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