Dating goals, actions & amazing outcomes

By Margaret, 09 January, 2017.
Dating goals, actions &  amazing outcomes

If you set goals every year about your social life, but haven’t been able to reach them, you are not alone. But fortunately, there’s a way that could make the difference. You won’t be all talk and no action any longer.

Set a timeline for your goals and let’s call it S.M.A.R.T. Business consultants have used this acronym for many years and it’s proven to work, if you follow the guideline. So why not use it in the most important area of your life-your goals of finding wonderful, supportive friends and/or a partner who wants a real, long term relationship.

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Just because you haven’t reached your goals of finding new interesting people to spend time with, or dating people who make you feel alive and vibrant doesn’t make you bad, lazy or incapable. You just needed the best tools to help you.

If you set a vague goal like “I want to start meeting more eligible Singles”, how will you know when you have reached your goal?

More specific goals provide you a guide on how to get there. Breaking it down into steps will stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

Questions like these will get you on the path.

Who:               Who is involved?
What:              What is it that I want to accomplish?
When:             Establish a time frame to have attained the goal.
Where:           What are your requirements and constraints.
Why:               Your specific reasons and purpose of accomplishing the goal.

These questions will lead you to ask yourself questions like these.

Do I want to meet a lot of single people or focus on meeting a partner?

What activities do I enjoy where I could potentially meet other Singles I would enjoy meeting?

How much time do I have to spend sourcing potential singles before I meet them?

How much time do I want to spend attending events etc. meeting Singles?

What could I do to give myself a better chance of meet desirable Singles? Such as a new hairdo or loosing some weight.

Establish a way of measuring if you are on track to attain your goal. How many and how much are great questions to ask yourself.

How many events will I attend per month?

How many follow up coffee or drinks dates will I have?

What other steps have I taken this month to present myself in my best light?

Now that you have defined the desires that are most important to you, you’ll start to imagine yourself attaining them. You’ll think of ways to make them happen.

If you know you can attend one singles event weekly, and you start doing so, you’ll notice that your confidence will grow. You’ll feel like you are on track and your goal is attainable.

A realistic goal is something you are willing and able to work towards. It may be a high or low goal.

You may want to simply expand your social circle to include three new friends this year. (That would be great, wouldn’t it?) Or a high goal may be to meet your potential life partner in six weeks.

Time Frame
Without an end date to your goal, there is no sense of urgency. The date you wish to accomplish your goal will fuel you to act on things that you sometimes may want to delay till later.

Here’s an example of a vague goal:

I want to meet more Singles and a partner.

Here’s an example of a specific goal:

I want to meet a life partner by 30th June. I will attend two singles events and will follow up with four people I meet every week for six months.

Hope this helps you attain everything you wish for yourself this year.

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