Dating goals-The 5 best questions to ask

By Margaret, 17 October, 2015.

  • Dating goals-The 5 best questions to ask-When our members first join A Table for Six, I always ask them “What would you like to gain from your membership?”
    The purpose of this question is firstly so that I can note what their goals are in regard to attending our dinners and meeting our members. But even more importantly, it gives our members the opportunity to become clear on their goals for themselves.In every area of our lives, It is important to define your goals. Would you set out on a holiday with no clear plan or destination to guide you? Most probably not. Having some goals is an important method of deciding what you want to achieve in your life,  keeping yourself motivated and on track and building your self-confidence as you notice you have successfully achieved some goals.

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    You may want to simply expand your social circle to include three new friends this year. (That would be great, wouldn’t it?) Or a high goal may be to meet your potential life partner in six weeks.

    Here are some questions you could ask yourself to help you become clear on your goals:
    ♥Do I want to meet  single people for friendship, or focus on meeting a partner?
    ♥What activities do I enjoy where I could potentially meet other Singles I would enjoy meeting?
    ♥How much time do I have to spend sourcing potential singles before I meet them?
    ♥How much time do I want to spend attending events etc. meeting Singles?
    ♥What could I do to give myself a better chance of meet desirable Singles? Such as a new hairdo or loosing some weight.

    It’s true that dating involves some luck, timing, chemistry, similar goals and values. But people fall in love everyday. So if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it means that you need to meet more people.

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