Dating life not working?

By Margaret, 26 August, 2018.
Dating life not working?

Face what isn’t working in your dating life
Our lives improve only when we take chances…and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.”
~Walter Anderson

Is your dating life not working and you wish to be more successful, you have got to stop, take a deep breath, and have a think about what is really going on here. If you continue going to the same places or meeting up with the same people, will you have a different more positive result? Most likely not! If you spend most of your time at work and only go out with your old friends occasionally, are you going to meet  new interesting singles? Most likely not!

The first step is to get out of denial and face up to what isn’t working in your life. Are you resigned to the fact that most of your friends are married or in relationships and too busy to go out with you? Are you in denial about the lack of fulfilment in the area of your relationships in your life?

I have worked with thousands of singles, and I have noticed those that have the most success share a similar attitude and take certain actions. They face their circumstances squarely and often realise that they are the ones holding themselves back from what they really want. They have a look at what is and isn’t working and take appropriate action, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it may be.

Doing more of what doesn’t work won’t make it work any better.”
~Charles J Givens

Time to take action
Make a list of what isn’t working in your social and dating life. Ask your close friends and family what they believe is not working for you. It’s amazing how we can see so clearly what isn’t working for others, and yet remain totally blind to our own situations.
What action steps can I take to get my relationships to work the way I would like?

Do you need to end an old relationships that isn’t working? Update your image with a new hairdo or outfits? Free up some more time for social outings? Organise your finances so that you can participate in events and outings? Adjust your expectations and judgements of others? Or, most importantly, give yourself permission to love and be loved?

It’s time to take one action and follow through with it. then take another action and another until you gain the social and dating life you dream of.

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