Dating luck? Create your own

By Margaret, 25 January, 2019.

Dating luck? Create your own

Do you know someone who seems to be very lucky? They have met a wonderful partner and they are very happy and enjoying a close loving relationship.

Do you believe that they are just lucky? Most of the people I know who have had success in relationships (or in any other area of life) have not just been drawn out of a life lottery  to receive this blessing. It may appear to you that they just went out on their first evening as a single person and this perfect person just appeared. But behind every overnight success there is a lot of resilience.

You see, we all make our own luck.  Luck is about showing up in life with an open attitude. It’s about believing, connecting, seeing opportunities, showing up, being consistent, loyal, and living life fully open and boldly. Being lucky is about a whole lot of resilience and persistance.

So many people expect that they should have everything they desire straight away. We live in a quick fix society where many things are available at our fingertips. But the important things in life are worth waiting for and they don’t usually happen overnight. People don’t want to hear that a lot of preparation and persistence is needed to attain what they want.

If you go out and someone says something to upset you, you can choose how to react. You can choose to let them spoil your evening, or you can choose to let it go. You can even choose to be empathetic to them. What could have happened in their life today to make them act this way?

People who understand that they are working towards an outcome, know that we hold the power to create our own experiences and everything that happens to us. In any given moment we have the opportunity to experience a bad moment or to observe positive things and enjoy a great moment.

The person you know who seems so lucky because they went out and met their partner most likely went out on many occasions with an open, loving attitude to the people they met. They possibly didn’t always feel on top of the world. They possibly didn’t always feel like being positive and making an effort to ensure they engaged with everyone. But they know that how you act and react to others is key to how happy you are in your life.

So go out and create the most wonderful luck you can dream of.
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Take some good risk this week for your dating life.

Margaret Newitt