Do you have the vision and motivation to join A Table for Six?

By Margaret, 05 July, 2013.
Think of us at A Table for Six as your social life assistants. Sometimes the other dating options just don't feel right. You just can't bring yourself to put your photo and profile on an internet dating site. Going to large gatherings of singles feels uncomfortable and impersonal. So it's a matter of finding an avenue where you will feel as though you are out with  a group of friends. How about our friendly small group  dinners?

There's no greater investment than in your personal happiness, well being and feeling connected to others who are in a similar situation to you socially. When you reach the point when you realise that people won't come knocking on your door,  this is the time to take the first step toward making a difference in your life. At our dinners organised by A Table for Six, you will make new connections and open up unlimited opportunities in your life.

Life is very hectic and we juggle many things at once and it becomes a challenge trying to keep on top of everything. Time slips by. Another month, 6 months and another year and you are still spending too much time working with no change to your social situation.

Seeking help to meet suitable friends or a partner is not a sign of weakness. It is a clear sign or strength and courage. It shows you have understanding and vision of where you are and where you want to be. It shows you have intention and are a motivated person.

We admire and encourage all of our members. They have shown they are  people who are self-aware and are resolved.  They won't look back and regret not taking the steps to make a change in their lives by joining our positive members at our dinners. They are listed on our events pages.

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Margaret Newitt

1300 885 311