Finding a partner

By Margaret, 27 July, 2015.

Finding a partner

Finding a partner - Is this important to you? Is your love life as important as watching your favourite show on TV or your 40-50 hour a week job? Sometimes I think it must not be. I know you are busy and have your priorities. But if you were at the end of your life and looking back, would you wish you had worked more hours or would you regret not making your personal life a priority and finding a partner?

Any goal you set for yourself has a formula for success to find a partner. Failure is never that you don’t know how to achieve the goal. It’s that you won’t take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Dating isn’t that intricate or difficult. There’s a basic formula that will lead to meeting a loving partner.

Choose an avenue for meeting suitable singles (find something you enjoy along the way) Our singles dinners will have you out meeting friendly, fun singles face to  face in a relaxed environment. So many people have bad experiences with online dating sites. There is a fun, relaxed alternative for finding a partner.

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Ask as many questions as possible about how other singles have achieved dating success through the service.

Ask for  advice from the singles organisation or study up on the best dating tips and behaviour.

Spend some time and a little money on making the most of your appearance. (Everyone has attractive qualities. It’s a matter of drawing attention to them)

Know what your boundaries are that are non-negotiable.

Outside of your non-negotiables, be open to whom you date.

Be open to catching up with a potential partner a 2nd (or 3rd) time.

Date your potential partners and give them a real chance (Don’t dismiss them without seeing the possible gem)

Continue dating until you find someone who’s worthy of your love and life.

"Love is love and love is an act. It's not a thought and while you're alive you only have so much time.
So the more you can make love the guiding force in your decision making, the more You're going to make decisions that not only fulfil you, but make your life meaningful."
~Tony Robbins

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