Forgive yourself, you're smarter now

By Margaret, 17 July, 2017.
Forgive yourself, you're smarter now

Our friends and family are telling us to “move on”. “It’s time to get back out there”, they say. Leave the past and your dating mistakes behind.

I would like to suggest that it isn’t the ex who treated you badly you need to forgive. It isn’t the former partner who cheated on you or took advantage of you that you need to put behind you.

More often we need to love and forgive our former selves. You need to love the you that you have outgrown. You may have disowned the parts of yourself that were not as evolved as you are now. The parts that allowed others to treat you in a less than respectful, loving way.

Until we recognise those less evolved, still learning parts of ourselves, we can not take full power and responsibility for our current and future selves.

[caption id="attachment_2504" align="alignnone" width="300"]Forgive yourself, you're smarter now Forgive yourself, you're smarter now[/caption]

Until we  see our former selves with compassion and forgive ourselves, it can be difficult to move on to healthier, more grown up relationships.

Think of your former self as you would a younger brother or sister. They were just doing the best they could with what they knew at the time. Love and forgive them and appreciate that you are now wiser and have much more self respect.

Then you can “move on” with confidence knowing you will attract a generous, kind love who brings unconditional acceptance.

Be kind to yourself.

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