Half of this year has gone...what about those dating resolutions?

By Margaret, 05 July, 2015.
What is the impact? Did you start the year with a resolution to kick start your social life or to meet a romantic partner? We rarely think about the long term impact of not taking action in our lives to accomplish a goal we have. What would happen if we became aware of the impact of not commencing that exercise program or allocating time to spend with family members? Our overall health may be affected and our children or elderly parents may not be around.

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This year is now more than half way through. If you have been delaying taking the steps to make a change in the area of new friends or a romantic partner, now is the perfect time to contact us. Before you know it, another six months, has gone by, then a year and so on. And nothing has changed. We will provide you with all the information you need. We’d love to include you in our singles dinners and events and offer you the opportunity to meet our fabulous members.

There has been a little confusion as to booking confirmations so we thought we would touch on how it all works.

1. Register your interest in an event or dinner. Registering via our events pages on our website is the best way as it ensures we won't miss your registration of interest. Otherwise you can send an email or text message to let us know if you don’t have internet.

2. You will receive an email that your interest has been received (this is not confirmation that you will attend)

3. Once we have taken into consideration all of the dynamics that go into organising a great “table for six”, you will receive an email and text stating that you have been accepted to dine. (Please don’t think that because you haven’t been accepted that there is something wrong. It just means that upon looking at all aspects, we believe this one is not for you)

4. Confirmations will be made on Wednesday or Thursday of the week that the dinner is on.

5. Upon confirmation of your dinner, we will process payment of your booking fee ($33) by credit card if you nominated this was the method of payment your prefer. If you advised you would prefer to pay by direct transfer or bank deposit, please do so ensuring you use either your surname or mobile number as a reference.
I hope this clears up a little of the confusion.

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