So What Happens When My Dream Partner Isn't At Dinner?

By Margaret, 17 August, 2018.
Can it be a fun evening even if there's no chemistry?

As much as I'd like to say "YES!", the honest answer to this is all down to you. I'd absolutely love to tell you that you'll only ever need to go out to dinner with us once and all your dreams will come true. And, although it does happen (see our story further down the page), it may take a more than one night out.

So what happens on those nights out where there isn't that spark? Where fireworks don't go off? I'll let some of our members from last week's dinners explain:
Thank you for the dinner invitation to Athenia Restaurant on Saturday night. It was a very enjoyable evening and lively conversation. The food and hospitality at Athenia was excellent as well. Although I don't think I found my 'perfect match' I did enjoy the company of all at the table.

Many thanks and I look forward to the next dinner.

Kind regards
[name withheld]

Dinner at Fernandos was COOL!
Great people and overall environment.
I would score 8 out of 10.
I enjoyed conversations at the table, and even if I didn't have chemistry with any
Gentleman at dinner, it was overall an enjoayble night.
Thanks Margaret
Kindest Regards
[name withheld]

Dinner was great - everyone made it special!

[Male] was very appealing but I noticed he hit it off with [name withheld] and that made me happy to see.

I’d like to provide my number to [x] & [y], I think we agreed we would catch up again

Thank you for your service.

I hope your journey is going well.

[name withheld]

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting [w], [x], [y] and [z] last weekend. The conversation flowed easily and we covered a lot of interesting topics. I would be happy to dine with any of them again but am not interested from a romantic perspective. I found [x] interesting and can see that she and I have a lot in common and can imagine that we could be friends.

The restaurant was lovely, the food was delicious and the wine list was reasonably priced. I thought the service was great too.

Thank you for organising and, as my first experience with Table for Six, I was very impressed.

Kind regards

[name withheld]

I am so glad that I joined A Table for Six! I am enjoying the new restaurant experiences and Saturday night we shared easy conversation among the 5 of us. I know it is not the object of the experience, but on this occasion we three women clicked, and as we walked to our cars we agreed to meet again. Would have been fabulous if I clicked that well with the men too! But a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Many thanks
[name withheld]

"Please Remove Me From Your Mailing List".

"Please Remove Me From Your Mailing List", said Bryan via a text message. "I'm getting married tomorrow to a lady I met on my first "A Table For Six" dinner.

Bistro at South Yarra -> Proposal in Rome -> MARRIED!

Congratulations to Bryan & Jade! We couldn't be happier for you both.









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