Hayley missed out on someone special

By Margaret, 28 August, 2017.
Hayley missed out on someone special

As you probably know, we follow up with our members after they attend a dinner to ask “Is there anyone you met that you would like to catch up with again?”

Recently, a new female member (let’s call her Hayley) attended her first dinner, had a wonderful time and met people whose company she enjoyed very much. (that was her feedback to me)

One of the gentlemen (let’s call him Cory) she met at that dinner sent a contact request for her phone number to make contact and perhaps see each other again soon. He said they had enjoyed chatting a lot at the dinner and seemed to have an easy flow of conversation and similar outlook about many topics.

[caption id="attachment_2538" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Hayley missed out on someone special Hayley missed out on someone special[/caption]

Hayley responded to the contact request and said “I also found Cory great company, I enjoyed our conversation and was even surprised that I felt an attraction to him. I didn’t expect that to happen. However, I don’t wish to pass my number to him. It was my FIRST dinner. I have many more men to meet and check out.”

When on this journey we call life, we are always on the move forward.  I have noticed that this has happened quite a few times before.  Not surprisingingly, Hayley most probably won't meet Corey again. She will meet many other men at dinner, but may never meet another one where the attraction and connection is the same.

When something feels good, here and now, give it a chance. Don’t wait for something better to come along. Sometimes amazing things evolve, sometimes they don’t. But what I know for sure is that good things don’t wait for us. They too have a life of their own, and while we’re busy trying to make up our mind and/or waiting for the perfect thing to come along, they move on.

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.” by H. Jackson Brown Jr