How limiting beliefs can affect your experience at dinner.

By Margaret, 04 June, 2013.
Why is it that some people are able to connect with a lot of people when they meet, and others struggle to make any connections at all? We've all met these people. Everyone is attracted to them like moths to a flame. Do you think that those people that everyone wants to talk to and spend time with are just lucky? Were they born with a happy disposition and do they never feel a little low or angry or upset?

I think that most people feel a whole range of emotions from  happy, positive, creative, a sense of wonder right through to negative, complaining and on bad days even sad and angry. You may have thought that the process of thinking is random and spontaneous and that you just experience your thoughts rather than decide on them. But if you become conscious of your thoughts, you can notice where they wander and you may be surprised at how negative they are.

Most of us believe that we are mostly positive people who see the glass half full. But it is only when we consciously take note of our inner voice and our thoughts that we can recognise that we aren't really as positive as we thought.

One thing is for sure, if there is an area in your life where you are left wanting, then this is an area where you need to take control of your thoughts.

Being conscious our your thoughts, and reshaping them into something positive can have a profound effect on the outcomes of your life. If you have limiting beliefs, you won't even notice the opportunities that come your way every day.

Examples of limiting beliefs

There aren't enough good men/ women to go around. How about- There are plenty of wonderful men/women to meet and have a successful and happy life. I am attracting them to me now.

I couldn't enjoy the dinner, someone didn't make it, so there weren't 6 people there. How about - I met interesting single people who I can be friends with and whom I can expand my social circle with.  I may meet a partner through their network.

I can't go to the dinners, I work away a lot and no one will want a relationship with me. How about- I can go and have a great time at dinner, and I can meet people who would love a friend/partner who is away sometimes. I only need one partner and they are attracted to me now.

I can't go out and meet new people. I'm not ready to date again yet. How about - I can go to the dinners and enjoy meeting other singles. I can learn about being single and make friends.

Dating always turns out badly for me. I just have bad luck. How about - I acknowledge all the good things I have in my life. I am attracting more and more happy circumstances. I am truly lucky and blessed.

I don't have enough money, confidence, good looks, education to succeed in dating. How about - I have all that I need to succeed. I have all the resources I need to create the great future that I want.

I won't meet anyone I want to have a relationship with. They have to fit certain criteria and I don't meet these people. How about - I am open to the people who come into my life. I am non-judgemental and acknowledge that a future partner may come in a different package than I imagined. I value all of the people I meet and know that a new partner is coming into my life now.

Do you recognise any of these as being a story that you have in your life? Your belief system causes the most suffering in your life. You may wish to blame your lack of money, bad relationships, bad upbringing. But it is your fear and judgement that makes you the most miserable.

When you choose to lighten your energy and make the decision to let go of despair, you can embrace your unlimited potential. That's when your outcomes will change and so will your life.

So be mindful of your thoughts- and change them when you notice they are negative. It takes some practise, but will make an amazing difference in your life.


Margaret Newitt