Last chance for Singles dinners this year

By Margaret, 04 December, 2017.
Last chance for Singles dinners this year

The dinners this weekend are the last ones for this year. I hope you’ll join in on a dinner this Saturday. We will be on leave for two weeks 10 to 27 December for a much anticipated break.

[caption id="attachment_2235" align="aligncenter" width="270"]Last chance for dinners this year Last chance for dinners this year[/caption]

We are truly grateful to you for choosing us to go on your (singles) journey with. You are  our  highly valued customers and it has been a sincere pleasure serving you this year.

We hope that you have enjoyed the dinners and learned a little about being single, and about yourself as well. We will continue our efforts to meet your expectations in the future as well. Meanwhile, your unwavering support and patronage is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Each one of you is to be congratulated for being pro-active, positive and for stepping outside of your comfort zone to make a difference in your lives.

Your honest suggestions and feedback on restaurants has helped us shape our service to best fit our members.

The first dinners in the New Year will be 6 January and we will be adding quite a few new restaurants for you to enjoy. We look forward to having you out to dinner meeting our fabulous members again in the New Year.
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We send you the warmest wishes your way for this Christmas season.

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