Men- you need to know this

By Margaret, 13 March, 2017.
Men- you need to  know this
Do you want that woman to give you her number and actually catch up with you again? Well, you need to get her permission before you even ask.
Talk with her about the things you are passionate about. Find out hers, and find ones that you both share.

[caption id="attachment_2320" align="aligncenter" width="237"]Men- you need to know this Men- you need to know this[/caption]

This will get her excited to share new experiences with you. It's much easier for a woman to say 'yes' to catch up with you again when there is a clear reason. She needs to be able to justify to herself (and her friends) why she wants to see you again and to know that she is making a good choice.
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If you have already talked about a great cycling spot with a beautiful view along the way, your antique MG car you love to take for drives, or a fantastic band who have a show coming up, you are painting a picture in her mind. Then, it's much easier to say:

'I'd love you to see my car, come for a drive next weekend, or 'So, we are definitely seeing that show next week.' and then pullout your phone.

Instead of...

"Do you want to catch up some time? or "I would like your number to meet up again sometime."

Which invitation do you think she is more likely to agree to? Which one makes it more difficult to say no to"?

She is no fool, she knows what's at stake. She just needs a reason to say yes. So, plant the seed of excitement and anticipation early on, you won't need to try so hard to sell her on the idea of spending time together - she will do it herself.
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