Michele and Ray's success story to inspire you

By Margaret, 17 February, 2014.
What does it take to follow your dream and to successfully meet a long term partner?

Michele and Ray have the answer. They joined A Table for Six last year, met at dinner in July and now they are moving in and planning their life together.

We were very pleased to receive their email keeping us up to date on their news and they agreed to share their story with you.

Hi Margaret

Last year I joined Table for Six and on my first dinner I met Ray. I didn’t go to another dinner because Ray and I just connected and moved ahead in leaps and bounds.

In the next couple of weeks we are moving into a house we have rented together and are planning our future.

We thought we’d like to share a photo of us on the red carpet at a recent party with you.

We both communicate the benefits to other people, of the non-threatening, fun way in which you can meet people through the Table for Six model.

It certainly worked for us. I still read your emails, they are full of great advice and stories.

I hope you are well and happy Margaret.

Warm regards

We wish them every happiness and thank them for their generosity in sharing their story.


Margaret Newitt


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