Need A Confidence Boost?

By Manny More, 02 February, 2023.

Need A Confidence Boost?

Feb 2, 2023

Life throws curveballs at you regardless of how positive you are. To be fair, life without ups and downs would be very boring. We often find ourselves to be not as upbeat as usual. It sometimes happens when you have made plans to be social and are now regretting committing to the meet-up.

Quick Exercise To Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

We have a tried and tested method that’s slightly out of the usual but proven to boost your mood instantly. It’s a simple challenge that takes less than 2 mins to get you up and moving when your Brain is not letting you. All you will need is an empty space in front of a mirror.


Step 1

Put on your favorite song on your phone. Music is a proven stimulant that boosts the flow of endorphins in your brain.


Step 2

Stand in front of the mirror and look at your reflection. You will see your appearance. You may appear to be sulky, with bad posture. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and envision how you want to appear. Imagine attending the event that you are dreading to go and picture yourself having the best time. It may take some time to convince yourself to be excited about being there but the goal is to set yourself up to have a goal of having a good time regardless of what happens at the event.

It’s not about how you feel but about how you want to feel.

Step 3

Once you start picturing yourself in a better mood, open your eyes. Stand up straight and put your shoulders back so your chest pulls you forward. Look at yourself in the mirror and say something out loud that you like about yourself. It could be as simple as “I like my hair today!” or as deep as “I’m proud of what I have achieved through my career!”. Make sure you are speaking out loud so you can hear yourself clearly. If you find that you are fumbling your words, shake it off and repeat yourself.

These steps will slowly distract your brain from the thoughts that are bringing you down. There is always a positive twist that you can put on your situation. It may feel silly or even awkward at the time but who cares? You are doing something to help yourself get into a better mood and that in itself is a distraction from whatever is bringing you down.