Nervous about a first dinner? Keep reading!

By Margaret, 04 April, 2014.
There are few things as exciting as your first dinner with A Table for Six. The newness, the uncertainty, and the possibilities are huge. This could be the night you meet a prospective partner, or your new best friend. It can be enough to make even a very confident person feel a little rattled. What should you wear? What should you talk about?

Meeting over a meal is a tried and tested successful way of meeting. And you know that the people you are meeting at our dinners enjoy it too. Conversation will normally flow continuously and if you run out of things to talk about, there are enough people in the group to ensure you don't have to feel under pressure to talk all the time.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, as long as they are not too personal. Personal questions are best left until you know someone a little better. Remember to share your experiences as well, it is a two-way game. It's good to find something you have in common, even if it is the brand of toothpaste you use or the type of music you enjoy. It's good to find a connection.

Topics that are always suitable are any recent movies you have viewed, the latest app you have on your iphone or places you have traveled to recently. While the weather is good to fall back on, it is a bit overused.

Wondering what to wear to our dinners? I'm sure you would like to make a good impression. It is important to dress appropriately for the venue you are attending. Wear something you really love and that makes you feel good too. Girls don't overdue the makeup or show too much flesh. Guys no jeans or tee shirts. a button up shirt and dress pants make a much better impression.

Your first dinner, and every dinner after that is always exciting. Mixed with the right amount of  good attitude and realism, it will be a fabulous experience. Make you dinners more enjoyable and fun using the tips and suggestions mentioned here.


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