By Margaret, 07 August, 2021.


There's nothing worse than finding out there are hidden costs. So here's the full costs, the only costs of our membership.

$299 for 12 months membership and access to meeting our amazing members who love to dine out out and love to meet genuine quality singles. (They have been ID'd.)

$39 booking fee once confirmed for each dinner.
The $39 doesn’t cover your food and drinks. I’ve been offering our Tables for Six for 20 years now. And, if there is one thing I have learned, it is that if people pay the booking fee, there is a very high chance they will attend the dinner.

We experimented 12 months ago with a different fee structure with no booking fee…It was a disaster. We had so many non-attendances. Empty seats are very disappointing for us after working to co-ordinate wonderful dinner groups. More importantly, it is disappointing for our members to have empty seats at the table. So, the booking fees are a very important part of the overall concept to be a great experience for our members. Our member experience is the most important factor.

Take cash with you to pay for whatever food and drinks you have purchased from the restaurant. There are no set menus.


That's right. We co-ordinate the dinner groups and you only need to turn up with your best smile and enjoy! How else can you have access to meeting quality singles in your age group in person in a relaxed fun environment? We follow up with you after each dinner.
Your feedback is THE BEST WAY for us to get to know YOU. Please ask us for contact details of the members you fell in love with ...or even found interesting. We will do all of that for you too.


Here's the catch - You have to bring your best determination to have fun...regardless! That is the factor that will make the most difference to your experience!

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Here's the dinners that are coming up for our members.

Ready to get started to meet our amazing, fun loving singes at dinner?

Want more information and like to speak to a human (ME)? My direct line is 0420 945 954.

Margaret Newitt
Mob: 0420 945 954