The one question singles hate the most

By Margaret, 14 December, 2015.

The one question singles hate the most! It's the question that can turn any calm, confident rational single into a rage and knock your confidence for six. And Christmas gatherings are the perfect opportunity for your Aunt, Uncle or distant cousin to toss that question at you.

"Why are you still single?"

It can make you feel as though you  are not a complete person because you are solo.

[caption id="attachment_1950" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Why are you still single? Just lucky I guess! Why are you still single? Just lucky I guess![/caption]

Perhaps there are some reasons. If you want to close one eye and peep at them to make sure they are not true about you-(of course they are not!), here are some possibilities.

You haven't moved on from your Ex. You could be holding on to an ex-partner and comparing new people to them.

Are you taking care of yourself? It's not about the label on your clothes or the brand of your shoes. But, making the most of your appearance by dressing with pride in your appearance, having a healthy body weight and an up to date hairdo can make a huge difference to your appeal.

You have become cynical about dating. Anyone who has been involved in relationships has had their share of disappointments. Learn to look a it this say; a failed relationship can teach you to notice red flags next time around. It can teach you to avoid someone with personality traits that drove you crazy in your previous relationship so you don't waste your time with another partner who acts the same way. And remember, an open heart is very attractive.

Desperation is written on your forehead. It is an energy frequency that is very easy to recognise and isn't at all attractive. Just take a step back, enjoy whatever you are doing and whoever you are meeting. You'll be much more attractive.

Do you have too many things on your list of requirements? Everyone is entitled to have their own list of things that are absolutely vital in a partner. I'm sure everyone expects love and respect and to be treated with consideration. Honesty, decency and a feeling of being valued should be a given in a healthy relationship.
The type of car they drive, the job they have and the size of their clothes won't make you happy in the long run.
Having common values and goals will make any relationship work better especially during times of stress.

Do you really want a relationship? Whether consciously or subconsciously, you may not want a relationship. It could be a time of recovery and renewal after the breakup of a past relationship. Or maybe, you just prefer not to have the attachment of a serious relationship. Sometimes, being single is exactly what you want.

Next time you are asked the one question that singles hate the most, tap into your highest energy, smile and say "Just lucky, I guess!"