What are Singles really looking for in a partner?

By Margaret, 22 November, 2015.
Would you like to know what is the thing we hear time and time again that singles are really looking for in a partner?

The people I talk to aren’t looking for someone who is gorgeous or rich. However, a great personality and a sense of humour can more than compensate for what is lacking in other areas. I frequently tell our members, forget the flirting secrets and be yourself. There is no point pretending to be someone you’re not, and trying too hard to impress can be a real turn-off.
It seems people are getting fed up with internet dating sites where the photo’s are out of date, the descriptions are exaggerated and even the ages people say they are don’t match up. With A Table for Six, you get to meet real people in a relaxed setting….more realistic and much less stressful!
One last point on the topic….it’s not always how others see you, but how you see yourself. People who are happy within themselves radiate confidence, respect and self worth. People who don’t like themselves much tend to be negative and critical….not what people are looking for in a potential partner!

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