What most men don't understand about women

By Margaret, 27 February, 2017.
What most men don’t understand about women

Why do some men get a a ‘Yes please’ pass my number on and others continue to get a ‘No thank you, he seemed very nice but i was not attracted to him’?

I notice a similar theme happening. The men who don’t get the number are mostly very nice, genuine guys. They’ve come along to dinner with their neat haircut, their fresh clean shirt and clean fingernails. They have their friendly guy smile and answer politely when it is their turn to speak or someone asks them a question.

[caption id="attachment_2298" align="aligncenter" width="300"]What most men don't know about women What most men don't know about women[/caption]

Men are programmed to, basically, mate with almost any girl who shows up with nice hair, not too fat and anything better than a ’plain’ face.

Women, on the other hand, have a whole host of things they are looking for. No woman wants to imagine herself with a ‘regular, average man’ even if she is, in fact, a regular average woman. Every woman wants a man like she sees in the movies or reads about in romance books….unfair? Yes!

When an average man goes out, he usually goes like this:
1. Regular, average (boring) clothes,
2. Regular, average (boring) conversation,
3. Regular, average (boring) friendly vibe and
4. No idea how to run the date or manage it, instead hoping that somehow everyone will work out on its own.

  • Imagine if you were going for a job interview and it went like this:
    -Show up to interview in baggy, oversized, average suit
    -Talk about whatever comes to mind, generally average boring work experience, with no forethought or focus on highlights like accomplishments and achievements
    -Have an average, unassuming, regular vibe
    -Come in with no plan for the interview, simply assuming he’ll just “wing it” and hoping he gets the job.

Do you think the job interview would go better is you:
-Show up in crisp, powerful clothes,
-Have well-thought out responses to interview question and insightful comments and queries to make and ask back
-Have a vibe of being excited, a go-getter, and an achiever
-Arrive with a definite plan for how the interview will go-who gel will begin it, how he will manage the middle, and how he will close it at the end.

Of course it would and so will your dinner dates.
Dress with style
Stop looking and acting like a friendly, nice guy.
Be interesting and have a plan.

The women that you find attractive spend a lot of time and money on enhancing their appearance. They put on make-up, have an up to date hair-do, they dress up in interesting clothes that enhance and make the most of their appearance. They wear high heels. They also read books on how to do better with men, how to be successful in dating, and on how men think and what men want. Women are constantly learning how to be more attractive to men and adjusting themselves accordingly. It sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?

A lot of men are not at all aware of this. They still dress the same way they have for years, talk about the same things with women they talk about with their mates, and hope that, despite it being the man’s responsibility to lead things forward, things will somehow magically work out on their own. The men you see in those advertisements with the muscles and edgy look, were not born like that. They have worked on it over a period of time.

Once you understand what to do to have an advantage, it is just a matter of continually working on being more attractive to women, just as women as working hard to be attractive to them.

That is how a man can become a dashing, debonair chap that women  are interested in and want to date.

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