Where have I come from, where am I going?

By Margaret, 28 April, 2014.
This past long weekend I was lucky enough to go back to the farming community I grew up in. We visited with family and childhood friends who molded and contributed to the person I became. The lovely Italian family in the farm next door gave me a taste for interesting food and language. As a three year old, I picked up the Italian language they spoke very quickly. And when some 50 years ago, a large block of  "Nona's cheese" turned up in their letter box, we knew that a lady in Italy had been to the local post office and posted it off to the other side of the world to her family. This was before any exotic foods or cheeses were available to buy in the country.

Having moved to the city quite a while ago, there is a noticeable contrast in the life and relationships of the people in this community. And, going home is always a catalyst to think about "Where have I come from and where am I going"? What are the things that happened (or didn't happen) to you that shaped your life?

Would you like to make a change in your life? As human beings, we are very good at resisting facing a situation where we feel fear, shame or some other uncomfortable emotion. If you would like to meet new people, or a long term partner, have you been resisting taking the steps to put yourself in a situation where this could happen?

No matter how much you resist the situation and fill up your life by working, eating, drinking, exercising or promising that tomorrow you will wake up and take care of it, tomorrow comes and goes, and the situation stays the same.

If you want to have a breakthrough in this area of your life, I invite you to ask yourself what you need to know or what belief you would need to let go of to transform your fear. Then take an action or put some steps in place that will support you in transforming your life and achieving change in this area.

At our friendly dinners, you will have a great time, meet singles and make new connections. You may even meet the one you will introduce to your family the next time you go home.


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