Why are women so confusing?

By Margaret, 05 March, 2018.
Why are women so confusing?

There are plenty of things that men find confusing about women. There are the mood swings, mixed messages and nightmare shopping trips.

Here are some things that men told me they find mysterious and totally confusing about women.  Have you experienced any of these? Why are women so confusing?

[caption id="attachment_2394" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Do you find these things confusing about women? Do you find these things confusing about women?[/caption]

1. They can go to the shops all day and look at things they have no intention of buying. Why do they do this? Men go directly to the shop to buy what they need and then go home.

2. When a woman holds up two dresses, maybe a black dress and a red dress and asks: “Which dress should I wear this evening?” You reply the red one and then she says she thinks she would prefer the black one, so you say: “Ok, wear the black one,” and then she says obviously you don’t like it. It’s like banging your head up against a brick wall! I think she looks great in either and don’t really care which dress she wears. And, why did she ask me when she made up her own mind anyway? Why are women so confusing?

3. When they go to the toilet together as a group. Why do they do that? What are they talking about?

4. They want you to be around then all the time and they don’t like it if you go out with your mates or spend too much tine at the gym. but it’s OK for them to go out or on holidays with their girlfriends.

5. The amount of makeup they put on their faces, when they look naturally gorgeous without any. And why does it take so long for women to get ready?

6. Why is she upset when I say she “looks nice”? Why are they attracted to bad guys? And why are my shoes so important? Why can’t a guy go out in his comfortable footwear?

7. I don’t understand it when she says “I’m fine” while she is crying. Either tell me what’s wrong or get on with it.

8. Why do women say one thing and mean the complete opposite? Why do they talk so much? How can they have so much to say – and it’s always about the same stuff?

9. Why do they need to decode and analyse everything you say and every text message? Such as how long it is and how many kisses there are. It doesn’t mean anything!

10. Their whole thought processes. How do women get to their decisions? The way they deal with their emotions is confusing to me. As a man, if I’m angry, I’m angry, and I know I’m angry and what I’m angry at. Women can be angry and have no reason why. They don’t even know what they are angry or emotional at. They can start out at the beginning of the day angry because they are running late and at the end of the day it is because you left the toilet seat up. Not the best analogy, but I think it makes the point. Men think in mostly black and white. Women have a thousand shades of grey. I love women…Mothers, sisters, friends…but a lot of the time, I have absolutely no idea what is going on in their heads.

The last point perfectly sums up what many men are confused about. They find it very difficult to work out what and how women are thinking.

Interestingly, men seem to think that women are playing games. Women often think that men are the ones playing games.

I have to admit as a woman myself, I do sympathise after hearing the answers and can understand how the female of the species can seem confusing to men. We often say one thing and mean another. Hopefully, it is worth the confusion.

Men and women communicate in different ways. We will always find each other frustrating and fascinating. But, that is what makes life exciting.

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