Why some men almost always get the woman’s number

By Margaret, 26 June, 2017.
Why some men almost always get the woman’s number

I’m sure you have heard the dating advice about the “Fear of Failure”. Should you ask the woman for her number?

This traditional Chinese proverb offers some wisdom.
“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask is a fool for ever.”

Maybe you’ve heard this quote by Wayne Gretzky, former National Hockey League superstar.
“One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.”

One guy decides to use this wisdom and asks and fails…over and again.

Guy number 2 decides not to ask for any woman’s number. Even though he meets women he finds attractive and have shown interest in him.

[caption id="attachment_2480" align="alignnone" width="200"]Why some men almost always get the woman’s number Why some men almost always get the woman’s number[/caption]

The moral of the story? You can’t win if you don’t try…true enough!
Or “Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back”.

Guy number one didn’t lose anything by asking. But he probably felt a bit deflated. He might have decided there was something wrong with the women he was meeting. However, if he continues to keep asking, he is certain to eventually get a number and a date.

Let me ask you a question!

Would you tackle a crocodile the same way more than once if it meant you came off worse?

Or borrow money from the mafia to pay your debts more than once?

There would be serious consequences!

People who try to do this, don’t live very much longer.

So, fear of failure is a very healthy thing!

But, there is another guy in this story… Guy number three.

Guy number three realises that attractive women get asked for their number or a date a lot. He needs to stand out. How to get the positive response he is looking for? He doesn’t want to waste his time. He wants to meet his special woman sooner.

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd (of men) and impress when asking for a contact number or date.

When you meet a woman you are attracted to…listen and observe! First, listen for her name. If you missed it, there is nothing wrong with asking her again. Call her by her name when you are speaking. It will help you remember it, and she will like it too.

Listen to the things she is interested in. There are a myriad of clues in there to help you in the future.

We have a standard “contact request” message we send. But, what if you asked us to send something special like this?

“Cassandra, I know you love Italian food. “I know this place..it’s not far from your area… they make  the absolute best beef ragu with the most delicious tomato and red wine sauce. The beef is so tender it melts in your mouth. And they have the coldest beer anywhere on earth. Would you like to go there with me sometime soon?”


“Felicity, you mentioned you love jazz music! My favourite jazz band play a fantastic night of  soul soothing and booty-shaking tunes. Would you like to join me for an evening of toe-tapping and great music and atmosphere?”

There is no guarantee this will have the desired response, but maybe she will be very impressed that you took interest in her and what she had to say. It could be a refreshing change.

Why not try this next time you meet a single woman at dinner that you find attractive? We will be delighted to send your personalised contact request.

Our goal is that you have the best possible experience at our dinners and events and especially that you have the best possible chance of getting a contact number of that special woman you met.

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