Your dating goals

By Margaret, 18 September, 2015.
Your dating goals can be elusive. Have you ever made a decision about something in life that you would like to achieve? Have you defined a dating goal you are determined to reach? Then I’m sure you are familiar with the fears and roadblocks that emerge that stop most people.

[caption id="attachment_1850" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Look for the opportunity in everything Look for the opportunity in every interaction you have with people[/caption]

What if we treated these stumbling blocks as part of the process? You could treat them for what they are, just something to handle, rather than letting them stop you.

Think about it. As soon as you say your dating goal is to meet a new life partner, the next moment thoughts arise such as I’ve tried to meet someone before and didn’t meet anyone suitable or I’ll have to go out to events and meet strangers start to pop into your mind. You might have thoughts like There are no decent men/women who are single out there or I could get my heart broken again. These thoughts are your fears stepping in. They are all the reasons why you shouldn’t even start on this goal.

You may have a fear of failure, a fear of rejection, or a fear of making a fool of yourself. These fears are very normal and are merely a part of the process.

The universe is sure to throw a roadblock up for you. My children are all now off my hands, but now one of them needs your attention because of ill health or My working hours had become less stressful, but now my boss is sick and I have to step up. These roadblocks are simply real world circumstances. There will always be a reason not to go for your dreams if you let them.

You may even venture out to some singles events. Perhaps you haven’t met any potential partners. Or, you meet someone who seems perfect, and they have no interest in you. Here’s a saying I love to use “The Universe has something much better in store for me.”

See these obstacles as the very things that have been holding you back. Once you can see the subconscious thoughts and feelings that are holding you back, you can face them and deal with them. Once you do, you will be much better prepared for the next exciting venture in your life.

[caption id="attachment_1849" align="aligncenter" width="300"]TOP TIP Ask  yourself How do I use this experience to my advantage? Look for the opportunity in every interaction you have with people. Enter every conversation with the idea that something good will come from it. Know that what you seek and expect, you will find. Today's top dating tip[/caption]