You’ve met her, now to keep her 

By Margaret, 10 September, 2018.
You’ve met a great woman that you really like and are attracted to. She is interested in you too. Now comes the challenge of keeping her for the long term.
You’ve met her, now to keep her

Society today is focused on immediate gratification. It’s a throw away society. But if you want that elusive long term, stable, loving relationship, then it’s going to take some effort, dedication,  being humble and at times it’s going to be very challenging.

A lot of singles want to know how to get over being shy or anxious when talking to single women. They want to know how to feel confident and be able to have amazing conversations with women they are attracted to. They think this will be the one secret that will solve all of their dating / relationship problems.

Think of the advertisements you see “How to lose weight without trying” and “Get rich quick by buying this”. They are preying on people’s desperation who don’t want to put in any hard work.

A better question to ask would be “What steps can I take to become a person that would be attractive to the woman I want to meet and keep for the longterm? It often only occurs to them when there has been something go wrong in their relationships. They are in a bad place and it is a knee jerk reaction when it’s too late.

This type of reactive attitude is not an effective strategy for longterm happy relationships.
You may be good at meeting and having someone attracted to you in the short term. You can portray yourself as confident and having your life on track. But, soon the cracks will show. There will be a situation that brings out your insecurity and the real you will be revealed.
If it happens enough, you may very well lose the woman you care for.

For longterm healthy relationships to flourish, it requires constant effort by both parties. They prioritise each other and their love. They laugh, touch and are very connected. You know when you are with a couple who have made a commitment to each other and continue to ensure it is not only healthy and happy, but thriving.

f you would like to have a relationship like that, you need to be in it through thick and thin. Start now by checking out our upcoming dinners and events where you will be introduced to women who are equally invested in long term happy relationships.


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