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Discover a refreshing alternative to dating apps with curated date events, offering a personalised and authentic way to navigate the dating scene.

Dinners for Six - Our Signature Dating App Alternative Events

Since 2001, we've been uniting singles with success through our programme, which we consider one of the best dating app alternative. Our events typically involve three mature men and three women of similar age, coming together for evenings brimming with engaging conversations and genuine connections over delightful meals. Experience the epitome of style and elegance with our carefully curated selection of top-tier restaurants, offering stylish ambiance, delectable cuisine, and exquisite wines.


Events as Dating App Alternatives

If you're in search of a dating app alternative or a dating site for mature singles, our well-designed events are tailored for your enjoyment. Connect with mature women and men at our gatherings and get started.

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We've seen many couples form connections at our singles dinners, demonstrating the potential for meaningful relationships to blossom through our mature dating events, making us (one of) the best dating app alternatives.

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Dinners for mature singles

Our events typically include three mature men and three women for balanced participation. Explore our upcoming mature events and discover why we're the best options for people looking for dating site.

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How it Works - 3 Simple Steps to Attend an Event



Become a member of our dating site to register for our singles events. The $299 fee grants you access to our amazing events for one year.


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Choose from among the many mature dating events we organize across six Australian cities and start meeting like-minded singles through our dating site alternative.



Embark on your first dinner for six and savor exceptional cuisine with mature individuals, all seeking their life partners through the best dating app alternative in Australia.

What Our Members Said About Our Dinners

I can confidently be taken off this mailing list given that I’m getting married tomorrow with someone I met at A Table for Six! It was my first dinner actually. I proposed in Rome in front of the Trevi Fountain and she said yes! Thank you for the introduction.



Elements of Our Events: A Dating App Alternative


Group Setting

Experience relaxed dining, effortlessly conversing with a diverse mix of men and women - the ultimate dating app alternative.


In Person

Forge genuine connections over a meal. Embrace real-life interactions, steering away from speed dating or dating apps.



We care about your safety and wellbeing. All members are verified before becoming members and attending events.

Best Dating App Alternative in Six Cities

We organise our dinners for six in 6 Aussie cities. Click on your city below to find out more about dating apps alternatives in your area.

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Dating App Alternative in Australia

FAQs About Dating App Alternative

These are just some of the questions we get asked about our dating app alternative events and process. Find the answers you're looking for.

The dating event serves as an excellent alternative to dating apps, providing a unique opportunity for individuals to engage in face-to-face interactions. Unlike the virtual nature of dating apps, these events foster a genuine social atmosphere where participants can connect on a deeper level. With structured settings such as organized dinners or speed dating sessions, attendees can enjoy a relaxed yet purposeful environment conducive to making meaningful connections. Additionally, the immediate feedback gained from in-person interactions allows individuals to gauge chemistry and compatibility in real time, enhancing the overall experience and potential for successful matches.

Our members are all singles who are seeking to meet others in an environment where there’s no pressure and it’s about having fun and making new connections. They’re in your age group (ID verified), ready for new friendships and the opportunity to find that special someone. Most importantly they tell us that the key traits they seek in others are kindness, honesty and a sense of humour.

Once our final guest list is ready, our Events Team will send a confirmation email and a text message to let you know you’re on the guest list. This will happen mid-week before the event. If you don’t get a seat at the table, we will notify you by email 2-3 days before the event. In this case we encourage you to list for the next event that suits you.

Started in 2001, A Table for Six has been bringing together singles for over 20 years. It’s the largest, most trusted dinner dating service Australia-wide. Our mission is to provide you with fun, new opportunities to form meaningful connections with other like-minded singles. A Table For Six has introduced many thousands of singles over this time, resulting in numerous friendships, partnerships and marriages. Read reviews from our members here

Our commitment is for you to be able to attend at least 6 dinners or events over the course of a year. Your dinners are likely to be spread out over time (not successive Saturdays), as we rely on brand new members joining each month. We work hard to find new singles and create table combinations that give every person an equal opportunity to meet others as often as possible. If you don’t get on to a table please register for the next dinner that appeals and you’ll be prioritised.

Dating events and dating apps serve as platforms for meeting potential romantic partners, but they differ significantly in their approach and user experience. Certainly, some people may find success in meeting their life partners through dating events due to the in-person interactions and social atmosphere they provide. Participants can gauge chemistry and compatibility with potential matches in real time.

Ultimately, the “best” dating site depends on what you’re seeking in a relationship and which features matter most to you. Our approach focuses on helping individuals meet their life partners through dating events, which offer in-person interactions and a social atmosphere. Participants can assess chemistry and compatibility with potential matches immediately.