Best all time to-do list to make 2020 more fun

By Margaret, 18 January, 2020.
Best all time list to do list to make 2020 more fun

5 Ways to Create Your Best Social Life

Let's filter all the information down and get to the point. It's always up to ourselves! Nobody can change our lives other than us.

So, here's my  to the point, best all time list to do list to make 2020 more fun than any other year!

* Be pro-active!! Nobody comes to find you.
* Be consistent!! Schedule a new activity where you'll meet new and different people regularly.
* Don't arrive at an event feeling stressed or unhappy!! Chances are you won't be demonstrating your potential or your awesomeness.
*Focus on going out and doing the things you love to do!! You will be your best self and others will be drawn to you.
*Connection is going to be that piece of the puzzle that makes people want to see you again and spend time with you. So, be a little vulnerable and show your quirkiness and uniqueness.

Whether you’re looking to just get out and have a laugh with new friends or looking for a relaxed and safe way to re-entering the singles scene, we’ll have something for you!

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