3 Promises you should make to yourself

By Margaret, 03 May, 2015.
"I believe there are two cycles of energy operating in the world at all times: the "Garbage Cycle" and the "Promise Cycle." ~ David J Pollard

Pollard believes we all choose moment to moment which cycle we live in.

In his book "The law of the Garbage cycle" Pollard describes how the Garbage cycle is encouraged when we focus on "the negative, act impatiently, harbour grudges, complain often, speak ill of others, and wallow in pessicism."

We can all relate to this. Sometimes, we just want to wallow in everything that is wrong. We feel self-righteous and believe that everything is conspiring against us. It is someone else's fault.

In his other book "The three promises" he talks about the Promise Cycle.  There are three things to ensure you make time to do each and every day.
Find joy every day
Do what you love
Make a difference
When you focus on the good things in life, show gratitude for the good things you have, hold your faith, show kindness and love, and share your optimism with others, this is living in the Promise Cycle.

The biggest test for staying in the "Promise cycle" is when someone's bad behaviour threatens to have you feeling pressured, burdened and stressed. Can you stop accepting other's emotional garbage, and go back to focusing on the things that are joyful and meaningful to you? Sometimes it is easy to do so, and other times we struggle.

In reality lives are formed by small daily commitments to change our focus, and over time large gains can be made in success and happiness.

The psychologist Robert Emmons provides some inspiration: "Because you can't be grateful and negative at the same time, gratitude counteracts feelings of envy, anger, greed and other states harmful to happiness."

Find joy every day, do what you love, Make a difference.

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