4 Tips for a Fabulous Night Out

By Dee, 11 February, 2024.

Want to know the secrets to a truly great night out?  Although 'what to wear' and 'conversation starters' are important preparations, there are also 4 top tips for ensuring an excellent evening.  Here they are: 

1.PLAN YOUR TRAVEL: Traffic, parking and public transport can be challenging!  Plan ahead to avoid issues. If you're  travelling by public transport check that there are no disruptions that will cause delays.  Book a taxi or Uber as needed.  If you're driving to the restaurant allow 10 minutes to find a park, or locate paid car parks nearby.  Arriving early is the ideal way to ensure you walk into dinner feeling calm and confident! 

2. ARRIVE ON TIME:  Please arrive on time.  If you're unexpectedly, unavoidably very late (e.g., 15+ mins) please call the restaurant and ask them to tell the other 5 guests who are waiting, so they can start ordering/eating/drinking!  If you're at the table, please go ahead and order after 15 minutes.  

3. SUGGEST THE SEATING PLAN: If you're one of the first guests to arrive suggest that the men and women sit in alternate seats.  Others will be grateful that you've helped create a balanced mix for conversations and connections.  

4. DRINKS AFTER DINNER: Extend the evening by going for after-dinner drinks!  Do some quick research beforehand to find a bar nearby, so you can lead the way. This gives you more time to get to know the others and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

We're so glad you've decided to join this dinner.  We hope you enjoy your evening meeting new friends, bringing more joy, love, laughter and connections to your life!