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3 Tips for a Fabulous Night Out

Want to know the secrets to a truly great night out?  Although 'what to wear' and 'conversation starters' are important preparations, there are also 3 top tips for ensuring an excellent evening. 

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Meet our 11 out of 10's at dinner

I received an email from a lady this week. She is attractive, focused on her career and has good friends and family.

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Opposites attract or similar perspective successful long term relationship?

We've all heard the saying "opposites attract". It has always been an interesting one because we all know long term happy couples who seem to be opposites and others who seem to be very much alike.

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How important is a woman to a man?

Having a successful relationship means relating to the other gender. If you are a man that means relating to women and if you are a woman that means relating to men.

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