Better Ways to Meet Singles in 2024

By Dee, 27 May, 2024.

If you’re searching for better ways to meet singles, Callum McDermott's recent article, ‘Are We Finally Un-Matching From Dating Apps’, (Broadsheet, May 9th, 2024), is a must read!  

The piece offers a highly relevant and insightful look into the current dating landscape for singles in Australia. You can read it here.

In summary, the author writes in a very honest and entertaining way about his experience with dating apps and the shift towards meeting others in real life.  

Disappointment with Dating Apps

During the last six months on dating apps, the author shares that he was stood up, ghosted, catfished and gaslit. 

Despite the widespread use of popular dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, the author notes how time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating the process is. 

 “I can’t shake the feeling that joining a major dating app in 2024 is a little bit like showing up to a party at the end of the night, when all the lights are on, with a few stragglers on the couch,” he jokes. 

There’s a sense of "app fatigue" among users who seek more genuine connections.

Shift Towards Real-Life Socializing

The article covers stories showing ways people are meeting others in more traditional, face-to-face settings. 

An example includes "Date Night Adelaide," an Instagram account which organises real-life events such as quiz nights and hikes to facilitate connections. 

These events have gained significant popularity, indicating a desire for meeting in person, in preference to online. 

Revival of Speed Dating and Social Events

There’s also been a resurgence in interest for speed-dating and singles social events, such as supper clubs. 

Unlike the effort and uncertainty associated with dating apps, dating events provide immediate, in-person interactions that help participants quickly gauge chemistry and compatibility. 

This trend reflects a broader move towards offline activities that can complement or even replace online dating for those seeking more meaningful connections.

Finding the Spark Offline

The author writes that despite seeing some successful relationships starting on apps, there's a clear yearning for real-world connections. Even dating apps acknowledge this shift, as evidenced by Hinge's recent $1 million fund aimed at combating loneliness by encouraging in-person activities. Incredible! 

As the author notes, “The good news is, if you’re willing to be a bit courageous and put yourself out there, there are plenty of ways to get out and find that offline spark.”

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