Meet our 11 out of 10's at dinner

By Margaret, 18 March, 2013.
I received an email from a lady this week. She is attractive, focused on her career and has good friends and family. Patricia (not real name) has been attracting men who are either boring intellectuals or smooth talkers with film star looks. She has big dreams but was ready to give up on finding her life partner.


Clearly Patricia needs to make a change and do something different so that she doesn't keep repeating the mistakes of her past. She is tired of having her heart broken by the charismatic guys and wasting her time with the boring guys.


I told Patricia that almost every man who finds success at our dinners doesn't have film star looks and doesn't drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

  • They are good-looking in their own way, but would never get a job as a model.

  • They enjoy being active, but may be a little soft around the middle.

  • They are smart, but don't think they are superior and look down on others.


The good news for Patricia is that there are a lot more of these men she can meet than the ones who speak French, dance the Tango, participate in marathons and earn 6 figure incomes.  Patricia has just been looking in the wrong places.


If you have a similar story to Patricia, cross out most of the things on your list, broaden your view and come along to our dinners to meet our 11 out of 10's.

If you’re ready for this approach to meeting singles and finding one of the good gals/guys, click on the link to our Membership Enquiry Form and I will call you to talk about how we can help you