5 secret things women look for at A Table for Six

By Margaret, 06 February, 2017.
5 secret things women look for at a Table for Six

Would you like to know what women are really checking out about the men at our A Table for Six singles dinners?

Some of the things that the women are taking note of when they meet you at dinner may surprise you. Or maybe you already know.

[caption id="attachment_1038" align="aligncenter" width="300"]5 Things women Look For At a Table For Six 5 Things women Look For At a Table For Six[/caption]

How you interact with everyone at the table including the other men.
It is an opportunity for them to gauge how you act in social situations. Are you considerate and inclusive in your conversations with everyone at the table?

How you interact with the restaurant staff.
Do you joke around in a “brighten their day and make their job easier way”? Do you treat them with respect and courtesy?

How you deal with settling the bill at the end of the evening.
Are you generous by including a small tip? Are you organised by bringing along cash to put in your share?

Your general attitude to life in your conversations.
Are you upbeat and mostly positive in your conversations? Do you speak negatively about ex-partners or women in general?

Your appearance
Are your fingernails clean? Are your clothes clean, appropriate and fairly up to date in fashion. Do you put in some effort to keep some sense of fitness and health?

I'm sure these are the things that you are taking note of when you meet women at dinner as well. It works both ways. Either way, we appreciate that you have dressed up nicely and come to dinner to meet our lovely female members.