Share your irresistible side

By Margaret, 22 July, 2013.
Maybe I'm a glass half full person.... But I read a lot of feedback emails every week. There is something I have noticed that is very interesting. Some people always find good things to say about their experience at dinner. The meal was delicious. The atmosphere was quiet or buzzing or the view was fantastic. They enjoyed meeting the other people, they were interesting or they were funny or maybe they were intriguing.
But, the fascinating thing that I have noticed is these people are the ones who are the most popular with their fellow diners! Requests for their number always appear after they go to dinner. Or if they request contact details, they nearly always receive a "Yes Please!" reply.
I think we all enjoy being around people who are mostly happy and genuinely interested in us and the world around us. So share your irresistible, positive side at dinners and in your feedback. And try to avoid falling into the trap of seeing what you don't like in people you meet. From my experience of observing the outcomes, it will bring endless possibilities into your life.


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