63 Days to Meet Someone To Cuddle With This Winter

By Margaret, 22 March, 2021.

63 Days to Meet Someone To Cuddle With This Winter

A little trick to get you started with dating

The countdown until Winter says it’s 63 sleeps to go. What better motivation to be pro-active about meeting new singles?

Would you like to get back into dating and meeting other singles?
Are you feeling like you just can’t get started? I have A little trick to get you started with dating.

I often receive a phone call from someone I had spoken to 3, 6 or even 12 months ago about our singles dinners. They loved the concept and felt it was the best option for them to meet other singles. But something held them back from getting started. From my experience of helping singles for over 19 years, I believe they are feeling overwhelmed.

I know the feeling when I need to clean the entire house from top to toe, or when I’ve had a break from exercising and need to get started again. Or even when I want to write another one of my blog stories. It feels like a huge task and I want to procrastinate about it. The hardest part is getting started.

There is a little trick that instantly takes away the feeling of overwhelm and gets me to take action right away. Ask yourself the question, “Can I just…? and then insert an action that is so easy that you are guaranteed to be able to do it even if you have very little willpower at the time.

“Can I just write the first paragraph?” If that seems too much, “Can I just write the first sentence?” After that I’d ask, ” Can I just write a little more?” One more sentence? I can always stop when I feel as though I’ve done enough and still feel a sense of achievement.

It’s a matter of getting some momentum going. Once I get started with something, the motivation usually goes up. I may not feel like cleaning or exercising or writing, but once I get started, my desire to keep going goes up immensely.

You can always continue and do much more than you started out to do. But, you will feel as though you are succeeding by starting out small.

To get back into dating and meeting singles, “Can you just…Send me an enquiry to find out about how it works? With 16 years of experience of helping Singles to enjoy socialising and dating again, I have a wealth of information and encouragement to share with you.

Or “Can you just….Go to your first dinner and enjoy the company of other like-minded singles?”

As long as you break it down into something small and achievable,  you can’t fail.

You’ll achieve much more than if you do nothing at all. I know you will benefit from A little trick to get you started with dating.

Complete the enquiry form to put us to work on your dating lif

Contact us at A Table for Six to take a step in the right direction to meet other singles looking for genuine friendships and genuine relationships.

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